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Aosta Valley

Aosta Valley: The smallest region of Italy borders France and Switzerland. It boasts the highest peaks of the Alps such as the Cervino, Monte Rosa, Gran Paradiso and Monte Bianco, the roof of Europe at 4810 m above sea level.

An ideal destination for winter sports with its green and fairytale valleys, castles, the Aosta Valley is also an enchanting place to live all year round.

Exclusive resorts and shelters: hospitality is wide-ranging to meet the well-being needs of every traveler, who can choose from an extraordinary selection of experiences and excursions to discover the soul of the region.

Come and discover it, walking or cycling through Aosta and Cervinia and Courmayeur, or immersed in the 

Viticulture in Aosta Valley

The Aosta Valley vineyards are just under 500 hectares, of which over 300 hectares are destined for the production of Controlled Designation of Origin wines, for a total of 1.8-2 million certified bottles.


A distinctive feature of the viticulture of our Valley is the high fragmentation of the territorywhich is grown in small plots. On average, the area of ​​a plot is 400 m2.


Viticulture in the Aosta Valley is an act of deep love, a daily challenge with mountains. The environment is full of difficulties and the vineyards have to adapt to a difficult and not very generous territory.

Our viticulture is called heroic, almost every work in the vineyard is done by hand, with an area characterized by high altitudes, steep slopes and terracing.


However, the winemakers, thanks to hard work and a sense of tradition, are able to get the most out from our terroir, enhancing it and producing a high quality wine.


The difficult territory gives us low productivity in quantitative terms, but gives uniqueness and exclusivity to every single bottle.

Doc VAosta valley

The history of the Controlled Designation of Origin in the Aosta Valley begins in 1971 when Donnas wine was the first to obtain this recognition.


The important turning point came in 1985 when, for the first in Italy, the first DOC region was recognized as “Valle d’Aosta” or “Vallée d’Aoste”, which represents a territory and not a single wine.


Currently the DOC Valle d’Aosta is the only one Designation of Origin, which with its disciplinary recognizes 31 sub-denominations linked to specific cultivation areas, specific vines or types of winemaking.