Cantina Lasource


The Origins

La Source was founded in 2003 from the experience and passion of young farmers, descendants of Aosta Valley families dedicated to agriculture for generations.


The company takes its name from the small spring that was found when we built the cellar; la source in French in fact means source. It  is located in Saint Pierre village , 7 km from Aosta city, few steps from the castle of the same name and not far from the castle “Sarriod de la Tour”.


Currently the company is owned by the Celi-Cuc family and Stefano Celi is its soul, descendant of a family that has been dedicated to agriculture in the Asota Valley for generations.


Stefano has always been a farmer first part time and then full time since 2005 dedicating all his strength to agricultural activities and in particular wine.


The estate is 9.5 hectares of vineyards, located between 650 and 900 meters, cultivated with international vines: Syrah, Chardonnay, Müller & Thurgau, Moscato, Traminer and Petite Arvine and native vines: Petit Rouge, Fumin, Premetta, Cornalin and Vien de Nus. Where Stefano’s focus is to continue to enhance the native vines and try to be discover these territorial jewels to as many people as possible.


The vineyards are all located near the winery, in one of the most suitable areas of the Aosta Valley, mainly in the area of ​​Mount Torrette, the area of ​​origin of the Petit Rouge, the main indigenous grape of the region, which in this area is well suited to the cold and drought.

The most used training system is the spurred cordon, which has almost completely replaced the ancient use of the sapling. The main and most famous wine is Torrette, which takes its name from the homonymous mountain from which it originates, a promontory that is divided between the villages of Saint-Pierre and Sarre.

Torrette area is a viticultural area of ​​particular value., thanks to the altitude, the entire southern exposure, the low summer temperatures mitigated by the rocks of which the terroir is rich and the deep water bodies.

Mountaion viticulture, heroic viticulture

Mountain viticulture, heroic viticulture, this is how the effort that we have been carrying out every day for generations is defined, where all the agronomic operations are performed manually, without the aid of mechanical machines as the impervious terraced territory does not allow it. The care of the vineyards is followed directly by Stefano who chooses the best agronomic techniques, while for the vinification he avails himself of the collaboration of the oenologist Mario Ronco who has been following the company for years.


The renovation of the company was recently completed with the opening of the farmhouse where it is possible to stay in the 7 rooms, enjoy a lunch or dinner while enjoying the wines and products of the company, or stop just for a visit to the cellars.